How It Works!

Goth with Glitter is not your usual web store!  We are trying to create a community of common interests around concierge services, and that means things work a little differently from what you're used to.  

Our services and promotions are based around Facebook, where we cultivate a community of like-minded shoppers so that we can unite them with the products of their dreams (or nightmares, if they prefer 😈).

So when you shop this website, you will find and add items as usual, but then when you check out no money changes hands right away — we will create a list of your choices and close you out weekly!  This way, you can save on shipping and we have time to present our amazing new finds to you each week as they come in!

Or, if you prefer, please use the Notes section in your Cart to let us know you would like your order billed and shipped as soon as possible — we will message you to confirm!

For more information, please join our Facebook Group at @Goth with Glitter, where you can communicate with our team and meet the other spooky and eclectic shoppers at the site!  We can't wait to see you there!