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    Baphomet Studs

    Baphomet Studs

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    Crafted in homage to Eliphas Levi's iconic portrayal of the goat-headed deity and its enigmatic link to the Knights Templar's fate, these Small Baphomet Studs encapsulate a profound symbolism within their petite form. Ideal for daily wear, these studs offer a subtle yet potent nod to the mysteries of the occult and esoteric realms.

    With approximate dimensions of Height: 0.79" and Width: 0.59", these meticulously crafted studs carry a wealth of history and intrigue. Let them adorn your ears as an everyday reminder of the enigmatic forces that have fascinated minds throughout history. Embrace the mystic allure of these understated yet significant accessories, inviting whispers of ancient secrets into your daily ensemble.

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