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Goth With Glitter

Natural Stone Ring — Rose Quartz

Natural Stone Ring — Rose Quartz

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Gather 'round, ye witches fair,
A ring of love, for all to wear.
Rose Quartz, a stone so tender,
With its gentle hue, hearts surrender.

Not a verse, but a tale we spin,
Of warmth and light, from deep within.
A stone so famed for love's embrace,
It draws affection, with subtle grace.

A witchy whisper, a casual air,
Rose Quartz ring, a treasure rare.
On your finger, a symbol of care,
A natural stone, with love to share.

Unravel the charm, a story untold,
Of bonds unbroken and hearts consoled.
Rose Quartz, your amulet of love,
A gentle reminder, sent from above.
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