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    Natural Stone Ring — Sodalite

    Natural Stone Ring — Sodalite

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    Gather 'round, enchantresses of night,
    A Sodalite ring, a vision of twilight.
    In deep blue shades, a stone so wise,
    A gem that whispers, with starlit skies.

    A tale in prose, of the mind's release,
    Sodalite's gift, inner peace and ease.
    With its calming touch, the chaos abates,
    A beacon of harmony, as destiny awaits.

    A casual coven, under moon's embrace,
    A ring of serenity, in this sacred space.
    The Sodalite's power, a tranquil gem,
    A natural stone ring, your mind to mend.

    Let it encircle your finger, a symbol of truth,
    A reminder of wisdom, the essence of youth.
    With a Sodalite ring, your spirit aligns,
    Embrace its energy, as intuition shines.
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