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    Natural Stone Ring — White Crystal

    Natural Stone Ring — White Crystal

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    Step into the circle, where magic abounds,
    With a White Crystal ring, your power surrounds.
    Its luminous glow, like the moon's embrace,
    A beacon of light, in a witch's space.

    In prose, we tell of this stone's mystique,
    A symbol of clarity, for the truths you seek.
    The energy it harbors, a force so pure,
    Warding off negativity, a protective cure.

    Casual enchantresses, gather near,
    A ring of brilliance, to make all clear.
    White Crystal's radiance, a sight to behold,
    Its shimmering presence, a story untold.

    Wear it with pride, let the energy flow,
    A natural stone ring, with a mystical glow.
    The White Crystal's magic, a gift divine,
    Embrace its power, let your spirit align.
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